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Os treinos e workshops da Academia Psicoterapeutas são dirigidos a estudantes, profissionais, psicoterapeutas em formação e membros titulares de sociedades científicas. Alguns workshops ou treinos estão sinalizados como sendo para um destes públicos em particular, nomeadamente, quando forem dirigidos a estudantes. Na sua maioria, os workshops serão abertos a estudantes finalistas e profissionais.


A Academia Psicoterapeutas irá igualmente desenvolver programas de treino de prática deliberada individuais ou dirigidos a pequenos grupos.







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Description of workshop:

The application of a system to deliver providers with real-time feedback on patient progress will be presented along with instructions on how to make real time feedback a part of routine practice. In addition, results showing a persistent, repetitive pattern of patient benefit and reduction of treatment failure in patients seeing providers who received feedback compared to treatment-as-usual outcomes will be provided. Participants will be introduced to a Clinical Support Tool that can be used to problem-solve with patients predicted to have a negative treatment outcome.


Learning objectives:

1)  Participants will be able to specify a positive and negative treatment outcome based on a standardized scale.

2)  Participants will be able to list steps that need to be taken in order to implement an effective feedback system.

3)  Participants will be able to summarize the results of providing feedback to therapists about non responding patients.

4) Participants will be able to use a decision tree based problem solving strategy and brief psychological test to prompt changes in the course of psychotherapy.


About Dr. Lambert

Michael J. Lambert, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology (Emeritus) and held the Susa Young Gates University Professorship at Brigham Young University, teaching in the Clinical Psychology Program. He is also held an Honorary Professorship at the University of Queensland School of Psychology, Brisbane Australia. He has been in private practice as a psychotherapist throughout his career. His research spans 40 years and has emphasized psychotherapy outcome, process, and the measurement of change.  He was the recipient of the Distinguished Psychologist Award from Division 29 (psychotherapy) of the American Psychological Association. He is editor of Bergin and Garfield’s Handbook of Psychotherapy and Behavior Change (6th edition, 2013), the most authoritative summary of the effects of psychological treatments. His current focus is on improving psychotherapy outcomes through the use Routine Outcome Monitoring and feedback to clinicians, an evidence-based practice


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