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An old question may remain present in a given field of knowledge.

Psychotherapy has been debating for decades with the question: what is the most effective psychotherapeutic intervention for certain psychological disorders, such as anxiety and depression?


This question has become like a starting flag of a race between different theoretical models, accompanied by a whole movement known as "empirically validated treatments." These are specific psychotherapies for particular disorders which are supposed to give a better guarantee of effectiveness.


In the last decades thousands of dollars and euros have been spent on the American and European continent, testing the hypothesis that would identify the most effective psychotherapy. These times require a clarification of the effectiveness of interventions, the public wants to know what the most credible interventions are.


What's the verdict? Different psychotherapies have generally the same therapeutic outcomes.


Is the verdict consensual? No, but research did not identify significant differences between the studied approaches.


Despite the controversy, recent studies confirm that psychotherapies are equally effective.


Does this mean the end of the importance of theoretical models? No. But it means that we are at a turning point, focusing on the dimensions that most contribute to the effectiveness of psychotherapy.


The field of psychological and psychotherapeutic interventions can now focus more on the psychotherapist than on the theoretical model of the psychotherapist.

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