Academy Blog #3 - Jeremy D. Safran – in Memoriam



Jeremy Safran, psychologist and psychotherapist, one of the most influential authors in the study of the therapeutic alliance and repair of alliance ruptures, died on Monday, May 7.
To his family, friends and colleagues, we associate ourselves with a tribute to the memory of a very genuine and simple man and a great scholar of relational psychoanalysis. His contributions have influenced researchers and clinicians from all theoretical approaches through a theory and program of research focused on the therapeutic alliance, and the central importance of understanding and attending to the relational ruptures that occur in a psychotherapeutic context.


He was a professor at The New School of Social Research in New York and has authored several books like the "Negotiating the Therapeutic Alliance: A Relational Treatment Guide”, among others.

Jeremy Safran held a workshop at the ISPA Clinic in 2016 and had scheduled an experiential training session with Timothy Anderson at the Academy of Psychotherapists in February 2019.

Foto por Nuno Conceição

For more on the life and work of Jeremy Safran, see the following interview Psychotherapy Expert Talks:


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